Mexico City: Day 1

Mexico City was such a delight. While there are a number of city bike options available (I was actually sure that would be my mode of transport of choice), I wound up preferring to find my destinations on foot. From my Airbnb in Roma Norte I first walked to the Anthropology Museum, then made my way to the Zócalo (the city center) by way of Avenida de la Reforma.

I stopped at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum and the Palacio de Bellas Artes on the way (though I only entered the former, and will have a separate, Rivera-centric post with more details), and arrived at the Palacio Nacional right at 5 p.m.– 15 minutes after it had closed (I would return– the Rivera murals there were a must-see for me). I found some street sopes and then found my way to a bar to journal a bit while my phone charged so I could call an Uber. My day served as a fantastic introduction to this culturally rich, art-filled city and I couldn’t wait to explore some more.

My Day One route:

mexico city day 1 walk

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