Wyoming (October 15-17, 2017)

We crossed into Wyoming with enough daylight for me to get a sunset time lapse at Devil’s Tower before stopping the night at the Buffalo Inn in Buffalo. I didn’t see any buffalo there, but there were a bunch of deer hanging in the yard of the hotel when I left the next day (and, now that I think about it, one antelope literally hanging in the parking lot of the Buffalo Inn when I arrived being cleaned by a group of hunters who were also making the Inn their home that night). I had a lovely drive through the Bighorn Mountains en route to Powell, but rode my brakes the whole way down leaving them completely glazed.

I learned this term ‘glazed’ when I took my car into a local shop the next day since I was due for an oil change anyway. I was advised to not continue on through Yellowstone Park* as I’d planned and instead choose a flatter route to the nearest Hyundai dealership– which was in Billings, as it turned out– and get my brakes sorted. But while I waited on the mechanic to determine all this I walked with Ollie around the neighborhood and got some pics of the little town.

*They strongly advise against bringing dogs to Yellowstone Park so I’d planned to just cut across the Northeast corner on my way to Bozeman and take in as much as I could from the car. The bears and hot springs are real concerns for dogs! Even John Steinbeck discovered this in Travels with Charley.

rapid city to powell

rapid city to powell full

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