Spokane, Washington & Portland, Oregon (October 22-25, 2017)

Spokane is a quick hop across the Idaho/Washington border from Coeur d’Alene, so when I wrapped up my workday in a local coffee shop I shot over and spent a very gorgeous hour-or-so meandering around Riverside Park before continuing down to Portland. I enjoyed the solidarity in which I spent much of my trip, but Portland was one of a few places where I found myself wishing I had a companion. I could just tell it was the kind of place where it might be better to have a partner-in-crime who wasn’t a dog.

That said, it was still a cool place and I had not one but two friendly Airbnb hosts, as I chose to extend my stay another night after my initial two nights in nearby Beaverton ran out. I only crossed paths with my first host once; he was watching Frasier which he claimed had nothing to do with his pending move to Seattle. The second host was also on the verge of a move– to Milwaukee as an assistant coach to the Bucks, thus we bonded over Malcolm Brogdon (forever ‘Frogdon‘ in my head).

Noteworthy stops in Portland were to the National Grotto of our Sorrowful Mother and a really delicious ramen shop I’ve unfortunately forgotten all details of!

coeur dalene to portland

coeur dalene to portland full

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