Salt Lake City & Canyonlands (November 12, 2017)

I grabbed a quick coffee and took Ollie on a walk around the capitol building in Salt Lake City before commencing the just-under-four-hour journey to Canyonlands National Park. I took a few stops along the way: a fuel stop in the tiny town of Helper (I tried to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket; I was reminded by the attendant I was in Utah), and a time lapse stop somewhere else along the way I couldn’t identify if I tried.

As with most of my National Park stops, this one was relatively brief and confined to mostly driving trails, on account of the dog and my general lack of time. But I was still able to take in some truly marvelous scenery, and was all the more eager for my visit to Arches National Park that was in store for me the following day after resting my head in Moab for the night.

salt lake city to canyonlandssalt lake city to canyonlands full

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