Philadelphia & Jersey City (August 4-5, 2019)

I’d left my car packed and ready at a BWI-adjacent lot before flying to Minneapolis for my brief Wisconsin visit, so it was a bummer to wake on August 3 to the news that my Spirit Airlines return flight to BWI had been canceled. I used up some American Airlines points to get the cheapest flight back I could, but it arrived at Reagan National in Virginia. So I Metro’ed up to DC, waited an hour and a half for a train up to Baltimore, Ubered to my lot, and commenced my late night drive to Philly. Despite the drastic change of plans, I pulled up only a minute after the midnight arrival time I’d forecast to my Airbnb host days before. Sometimes things just work out like that.

The Airbnb was in West Philadelphia so I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you what song was coursing through my head all morning when I got up and began exploring. After grabbing breakfast and wandering in my neighborhood for a bit, it was time to meet my friends Sam and Nikki, who’d gone to college in Philadelphia and were bussing down from Jersey City to give me a tour. They proved to be excellent tour guides and we ended up walking nearly 10 miles as we went on what I decided to be a food and art tour of the town. Notable stops included the Philadelphia Museum of Art (read: Rocky steps), a Wawa, Tattooed Mom, the Spruce Street Harbor Park, and LOVE Park. It was my first time in the historic city, and I was duly impressed by its rich culture.

Afterward, we made the relatively quick trip up to Jersey City, arriving just in time for me to set up a sunset timelapse at Hamilton Park. Nikki hosted us and continued her role as tour guide around Jersey City and Hoboken the next day.

getting around philly

was to jersey city full

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