Michigan (October 2-6, 2017)

From Steubenville it was a four-and-a-half hour shot Northwest around Lake Erie to spend a series of days in Michigan: first a few with friends in Tipton, then a few more with family in Wyoming (which is, yes, a town in Michigan whose name bears a strong resemblance to the name of an entirely unrelated state). Tipton’s a tiny, peaceful place where I not only had a nice visit with my friends, but Ollie also became best buds with their cat Earl Grey! (Their other cat Puddles was less into it and fled to the woods for the entirety of my stay.) In Wyoming, I had an equally nice visit with my family that included seeing the house my cousin had just finished building and the baby his wife had given birth to just a few weeks earlier.

On my last night in town, my aunt and uncle took me into Grand Rapids to check out the annual Art Prize event. It was a fun way to experience the city, and we capped it off with dinner at Founder’s Brewery with some of their friends when we’d had enough art.

The next day I was off to Chicago, and to really round out my Michigan experience I took a detour at Hagar Park to do a Lake Michigan time lapse.

For more Michigan lapses click here and/or here.

sville to wyoming

sville to wyoming full

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