Mexico 2019: Teotihuacan

A visit to the ancient city of Teotihuacan struck me as a non-negotiable daytrip during my stay in Mexico City. There are frequent Teotihuacan-bound buses that depart from the Terminal Norte in Mexico City, and I thought I was getting a nice, early start by heading to the station at 9 a.m.

Alas, not early enough! (At least not on Good Friday…) The ticket line was long and the bus lines were longer– and hilariously disorganized. There was a 10:01 and a 10:21 bus with no signs and two lines crammed right up on each other and people with varying degrees of Spanish competency trying to help each other figure out where everyone should be and it was a MESS! But it was a scenic enough ~hour drive once we got going.

And then Teotihuacan itself was an absolute madhouse. The line to summit the Pyramid of the Sun wrapped around two full sides (720′ and 760′ each) before stretching up the entire the face of the 216′ structure. Unencumbered sun with no shade. I was hot and annoyed until I learned to think of it as a pilgrimage, and the view from the top was pretty cool. I descended to a lower ledge to get a time lapse of the Pyramid of the Moon, then got a nice one of the Pyramid of the Sun from the ground before leaving.

cdmx to teotihuacan

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