Mardi Gras Day 2018

When Mardi Gras Day finally came around, I did the only sensible thing a remote employee (whose job doesn’t treat the holiday with the same reverence as New Orleans locals) could do and called out of work. For indeed it was a full day of festivities! I was both surprised and impressed to learn the Zulu parade kicked off at the early hour of 9 a.m., though it only reached our chosen viewing point of Basin and Villere an hour or two later. Highlights included Spike Lee as Honorary Grand Marshall and (miracle of miracles!) one of the costumed marchers approaching me to take a selfie with my phone and then bequeathing me a coveted Zulu coconut [prayer hands emoji].

After Zulu we made our way through the madhouse that had become the French Quarter to catch the Rex parade as it came down Canal. Click here for more on the Zulu Social Club, or here for the Rex Organization.

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