End of the Road Trip (Late November 2017)

The last bit of my trip seemed to have seen me a little burnt out on the photo taking front. (Besides, after the wonderment of Utah what’s the point amirite?)

I spent a night in Grand Junction, then passed through Denver for the second time that year, spending a few days with friends and family. A quick and unremarkable stop through Kansas City. A few days in Nashville I found enjoyable, but during which I found myself wishing I had a (human) travel companion with whom I could hit the honky tonks. A night in Asheville, after which I pulled into Raleigh on Thanksgiving morning– the effective end point of the trip. (With the actual end point maybe being when I wound up in Charlottesville a few days later, closing the loop.) The pictures were mostly of Ollie by that point, but I’ll share them nonetheless.

I’d really done it: I’d made it across the country and back without even a single car fire.

end of the road trip

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