Avery Island (Tabasco Tour + Jungle Gardens)

I visited Avery Island– the home of Tabasco Sauce– with Sam and Marjorie on a warm June Tuesday and did a write-up for Very Local NOLA, which you can find here. (Or click the screen clip below.) We visited the Tabasco Factory and then toured the lush Jungle Gardens that had been part of Mr. Tabasco (a.k.a. Ned McIlhenny)’s estate. The first few pictures are from Houma, where we stopped to grab lunch on the way.very local nola tabasco

(Random side note: we listened to the eponymous Neutral Milk Hotel album on the way there and this Pitchfork review came out not a week later! WhAt ArE tHe ChAnCeS?!)

nola avery island route

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