Acadia National Park (August 6 & 7, 2019)

I arrived at Acadia National Park early in the afternoon on August 6, with time to do the quick hike at Flying Mountain, set up camp at Seawall Campground (where I learned how valuable it truly is to practice setting up one’s tent in advance… I struggled for quite some time and had to call my dad for help. Also I’d left my pillow in Boston and the ground was very hard. I am not an expert camper.), and set up a tripod at Pretty Marsh to make a time lapse. Then it was dahk so I took the cah to Bah Hahba for some pizza and okay I’m done now.

The next day was a drastic change in scenery! The beautiful sunshine I had on the 6th was replaced by fog and mist on the 7th, which was okay– it felt locationally appropriate and gave a different type of beauty to the surroundings. I went the lazy route and drove to the top of Mount Desert (I loved that most of Acadia Park was located on Mount Desert Island and think that would make a terrific band name?), which didn’t have the best views on account of the fog. Got some delicious clam chowder at the adorably kitschy Happy Clam Shack then was Canada-bound.

around acadia national parkacadia national park full

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